About us

business energy comparison sitesWe started as a telecoms company but found that many of our clients would ask for help with their other essential operating costs and we realised we should help them.

Thus, we added Energy and Commercial Insurance services to our portfolio.

We are able to work with clients without any hard selling, and show them in writing what we can do to save costs.

Our management team have a wealth of experience which we are putting to good use.

One of our senior team, Barry Kirby, was engaged with cost management well before it became widely known as a business concept.

One story he tells is when he worked for a major telecoms company – his then senior management were beginning to realise that system maintenance contracts were being routinely renewed without anyone reviewing or examining the contracts in any way.  They came to realise that some contracts were still effective for equipment that had been decommissioned and removed.  He was set the task of looking at this and he set up a team to examine the full scale of this serious waste of money.  Very quickly the team realised that no-one inside this major company had the responsibility of reviewing contracts.  Suppliers were in a word, ripping off the company. They had a brief to reduce costs and this they  did very quickly.  Contracts for non existent systems were very quickly identified and refunds were sought.   The mere threat of changing maintenance supplier led to some very swift reductions in costs.  This was a company that was very good at supporting new customers but very bad at decommissioning systems when customers left or were upgraded with new technology.

A lot of lessons have been applied to Bridge Future Solutions.